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Employee Spotlight


Kelly Lowe Makes It A Point to Make Our Residents Feel Special

Our housekeeping staff is vital to preserving the health and quality of life of our residents. > MORE Our cleaning team works hard, every day, to keep our campus clean and to provide our residents, employees, and visitors with a clean, pleasant, and safe atmosphere. For the past two years, Kelly Lowe has been an integral part of that team. Kelly came to us following three years as a housekeeper at the University of Dayton, and although this is her first stint working in a skilled-nursing environment, she has picked up on all the special protocols we are required to follow to maintain proper hygienic conditions. For example, in cases that involve infections, Kelly says that she needs to use bleach when cleaning the room and has to change out everything on her cleaning cart that was in the room as she disinfected it. According to Kelly, “Taking the time to follow the special protocols is important to keeping the residents healthy, which is the most important thing.”

In addition to keeping the residents’ rooms and common areas spick-and-span, Kelly feels that it is important for her to make sure residents know that she cares about them and how they are doing. “I think a personal touch makes all the difference. I don’t just clean around them and pretend I don’t see them there,” she says. “I pay attention to what’s going in their lives, as much as I can, and do my best to make sure they have everything they need. I even say ‘hola’ to my Spanish-speaking residents as a way to make them feel special. These connections are part of what makes us special here....we’re like a family.”

When she’s not at work, Kelly likes to spend her time reading or doing things with her husband and two sons (ages 23 and 17). Every year, she and her extended family of about a dozen people take a vacation together, and she always looks forward to it. This past November, Kelly lost her father to cancer, so their annual vacation took on an even more special meaning. In June, she and her family traveled to Myrtle Beach (one of her father’s favorite destinations) and released 67 balloons on the beach to commemorate his 67th birthday. “It was very dad would have loved it.”

Resident Profile


Life in the Fast Lane—Jeanne Yeazell Fulfills Her NASCAR Dream

For as long as she can remember, Widows Home resident Jeanne Yeazell has loved NASCAR racing. > MOREShe never misses a race on TV, and she cheers for Tony Stewart like she’s part of his pit crew. Despite her fervent devotion to the sport, there was something missing: Jeanne never attended a race in person. At least, that was the case before a Widows Home employee named Dan took it upon himself to arrange a special day that Jeanne will never forget.

Knowing that Jeanne was a big-time race fan thanks to numerous conversations (they were buddies who bonded via a common love of NASCAR), Dan contacted officials at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and asked if there was anything they could do to help turn Jeanne’s dream of attending a NASCAR race into a reality. According to Jeanne’s son, Donnie, Dan told the folks in Indianapolis the situation and requested a “special reservation” for an 87-year-old lady (Jeanne has since celebrated her 88th birthday). His special request paid off....and then some.

Dan took Jeanne to a Saturday afternoon race this past summer (just the two of them), and it was a true VIP experience all the way. The pair had front-row seats and was allowed to visit the pits to meet the drivers and members of their teams. An interview with Jeanne conducted before the race was even shown on the raceway Jumbotron! Jeanne says that the race was the “highlight of her life” and that her favorite part of the day was the race itself. “I loved the noise!” she said. Jeanne has lived at the Widows Home for about a year-and-a-half, but was a rehab patient here a few times before she moved in. Her room is home to our community cat, Willow, and Jeanne loves it when other animals pay us visits, too. Jeanne says that living with us is “the next best thing to being at home” and that she believes her room is the “best in the house.” Her contagious sense of humor and love of junk food (in moderation, of course) are both common knowledge around the Widows Home campus, and she is a regular fixture at community activities. Jeanne is very popular among her fellow residents and our staff.

Jeanne has lived in Dayton all her life, and was married for over 50 years “to the same guy”—a firefighter named Bill who passed away some years ago. “We loved to dance and play euchre together, and we had a great time raising three wonderful kids.” She worked as a secretary at Modern Engine Systems and says that to this day, they still look her up to ask questions. Aside from watching NASCAR races and participating in our community events, Jeanne enjoys visits from her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. They drop by frequently to talk and spend time with her and regularly take her out to dinner and on other special trips.


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