Elmora Rocquemore Is an STNA that’s As Unique As Her Name

A name like Elmora is pretty unique: you don’t expect to run into a lot of “Elmoras” walking down the street every day. We’re happy to say that Widows Home STNA Elmora Rocquemore is as unique as her name implies, and her commitment to the happiness and well-being of our residents is second to none. An STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) for more than five years, Elmora has been with us for nearly three years and finds tremendous satisfaction in her work—especially the relationships she enjoys with our residents and her co-workers.

Elmora truly cares about our residents and gets a kick out of keeping them entertained in her own special way. She loves making them laugh, but is also there for them during the tough times. She routinely makes special trips to visit residents in the hospital because she sincerely cares about how they are doing; using her own time to let residents that they are important to her. Again, like her name, dedication like that isn’t something that you find every day. “The residents are my favorites,” she says. “I love taking care of them and making them happy…being silly and putting smiles on their faces. Half of them probably think I’m crazy!” In a typical at work day, Elmora visits all of her friends (residents) and checks to make sure they have everything they need—bringing an upbeat attitude and a smile with her everywhere she goes.

Outside of work, Elmora is a real bookworm. She reads as many books as she can get her hands on. Her favorite author is James Patterson, but she likes just about any kind of mystery, sci-fi, or scary story. If you can set the plot in an urban environment, all the better! Elmora says she likes reading because it feeds her imagination. A true renaissance woman, Elmora is currently taking culinary classes in the hopes of becoming a professional chef, preferably on a Disney cruise line or at a five-star restaurant in Las Vegas.

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