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For Barb Lowe, The Widows Home is a Family Affair

Nursing Assistant Barb Lowe has worked at the Widows Home for over 25 years, and you might say she’s found her place in the “family business.” Barb is the fourth generation of her family to care for her community at the Widows Home! Her great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother have all worked here over the years. Her grandmother served as our director of nursing and her mom retired from the Widows Home as a nurse. Now, even her daughter-in-law and sister-in-law work here, too. But her family ties to our special community don’t stop there. All of her brothers and sisters have worked here at some point in their lives, and her aunt was a resident here for many years until she passed away at the incredible age of 107.

Barb says she’s enjoyed the opportunity to carry on her family’s legacy of service and to work side by side with her relatives, but she’s also grateful that she’s been able to work in a place where the staff and residents are so close that she thinks of them as family as well. “When you enjoy your job and the people you work with, it’s easy,” she says, “I’ve been lucky to find a job that I truly love and an organization that I’m proud to work for.” Barb believes that to be good at something, you really have to be passionate about it. And when it comes to helping others, she is. Instead of pursuing a nursing license like her mother and grandmother, Barb chose to work as a nursing assistant because she feels that allows her to have more interaction with patients and residents, which is her favorite part of her job.

As you can imagine, after more than a quarter-century at the Widows Home, Barb has developed a lot of lasting friendships. And when her husband was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, it showed as her Widows Home family rallied around her with lots of support and encouragement. “Taking good care of people is what we do here. Residents, co-workers, it doesn’t matter—we’re family. And when a member of our family needs help, we do whatever we can to give it to them.”

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