Sharon Boggs Has Just About Done It All at the Widows Home

In her 24 years at the Widows Home, Wellness Coordinator Sharon Boggs has done just about everything. She started in our housekeeping department and from there she moved to office administration, the kitchen, and then to laundry services before deciding that she wanted to take a more hands-on role in caring for our residents by becoming a nursing assistant. So, she completed the necessary training and got right to it—working with our team as a Nursing Assistant and most recently as a Restorative Aide in our Rehab Department before becoming Wellness Coordinator. As a Restorative Aide, Sharon worked side by side with Physicians and Therapists to make sure that our residents maintained the gains they made in therapy. In fact, Sharon says that taking care of residents is what she likes best about working at the Widows Home. Well, that and working with long-time colleagues that have become more like family to her over the years. “There are some of us ‘old timers’ that have been here working together for more than 20 years! This place really is my home away from just keeps getting better and better. I just love the family atmosphere here, and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

Sharon’s work as a Restorative Aide made her a perfect fit for her current role as Wellness Coordinator. As a member of our Recreation and Wellness Department, she’s putting her experience to good work as she tends to the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and vocational needs of our residents—every aspect of their wellness and quality of life.

Sharon says that she enjoys being here for our residents and their families and that she believes trust makes all the difference. “These people become my best friends, and that’s exactly how I take care of them. In my opinion, trust is what it’s all about.” After 24 years, Sharon has lots of fond memories, but one that stands out to her is a birthday party we had for a resident celebrating her 108th birthday. When she’s not at work, you can usually find Sharon spending quality time with her two daughters, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

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