"Chris H. (my therapist) was very nice and funny. They were all very nice and helpful. I'm thankful to them for everything! You guys ROCK!"- Connie Childers (former short-term resident) 8/28/17

Resident Profile


The Art of Being Happy with Evelyn Hames

Evelyn Hames loves arts and crafts. In fact, one of her favorite past times is making decorative key chains and necklaces that she happily gives away to friends and family. Creating beautiful things makes Evelyn happy, just as her thoughtfulness and friendship bring joy to the people she meets. A member of our community since March, Evelyn moved in with us following a stay in the hospital—a choice she made after having stayed in other Dayton-area skilled nursing homes in years past for various reasons.

Based on her firsthand experience, Evelyn says that the Widows Home is a “really nice place” and “by far the best in Dayton.” She loves the people here—staff and fellow residents alike—and she’s especially fond of our food, which she calls “great.” Because she spends much of her time in her wheelchair, Evelyn appreciates how attentive the staff is to making sure she’s always comfortable all day long.

Evelyn is a big fan of our regular entertainment programs (tap dancers, singers, and church groups are her favorites) and she participates in most of our social activities. Of course, arts and crafts time is a big deal for her, but she has a good time getting involved with many of our resident engagement activities including the special on-site “fishing contest” we held over the summer. When she’s not busy spending time with her friends or making key chains and necklaces, Evelyn likes to listen to audio books (she was an avid reader before her eyesight started to decline).


Fern Uzzel Always Looks on the Bright Side

For Fern Uzzel, life is all about personal relationships and keeping a positive outlook. A Widows Home resident for almost a year now, Fern started out in our rehab program following a fall-related injury and then later transitioned to our residential wing. She likes living in our community a great deal, and says that her favorite part of being with us is the people she interacts with every day. From the staff to her fellow residents, Fern sincerely appreciates them all and is always ready to share a friendly conversation. “I’m very easy to get along with” Fern says. “I love visiting with people and talking about all kinds of different things.” Among her favorite topics of conversation are fond memories of her late husband and son-in-law. Both men passed away over the past couple of years, and Fern can’t help but smile whenever she talks about them. “Paul Uzzel was an absolutely amazing square dancer!” she says with pride. “We used to love dancing and going on picnics in the parks all around Dayton. We were married for 66 wonderful years.” She and Paul had three children (2 girls and 1 boy), and Paul supported their family with the business he started, Adequate Petroleum Maintenance, in Vandalia.

Of her son-in-law, Fern says that she misses his visits. “They came to visit me here at the Widows Home every night. Every single night. I couldn’t have asked for a better man to marry my daughter. He was the best.” Fern still has a steady stream of regular visitors, but her son-in-law will always have a special place in her heart. Despite the recent personal losses she has endured, Fern exudes positivity and her upbeat personality shines through all of her stories and pleasant conversations. Because she enjoys being around people so much, she makes an effort to take part in as many of our social activities as she can. Fern also enjoys spending time with our Widows Home staff, especially LPN Erick Soto Ramos, of whom she says, “When it comes to taking care of people, he can’t be beat.”


At 100 Years Old, Bessie Rinehart is Still Young at Heart

On August 15, Bessie Rinehart will celebrate her 100th birthday! It’s a milestone she fully embraces even though she says that she doesn’t feel her age. Bessie says that around the Widows Home, she’s known as the “fun girl.” It’s easy to see why. With a pink Betty Boop license plate on the back of her wheelchair that reads PRTY GRL, Bessie has a spark that lights up a room and makes people smile. A member of our community for three years, Bessie is a fixture in our activity room and keeps a busy schedule; she wouldn’t have it any other way. She plays BINGO on Mondays, has her hair done on Tuesdays and gets some bowling in on Wednesdays (she used to bowl in tournaments all over North America). She keeps her Thursdays and weekends open as “wild cards,” and never misses the chance to get together and sing church songs with fellow residents on Sundays. Don’t bother with the hymnal though, she remembers all the songs!

Bessie loves music of all kinds; can’t get enough of it. She dances her heart out—in her wheelchair—when she hears it, and is very popular with the music acts that regularly visit us. Bessie’s love affair with music started when she was just three years old, when she would walk to the courthouse square in her hometown of Kenton, Ohio, to hear the bands that played there. As she grew older, she always played the angel in the local Christmas play.

Bessie is looking forward to celebrating her centennial birthday with her family and friends. She plans to wear a red suit because red is her favorite color. In fact, she is glad that times have changed to the point that a respectable lady can wear red in public. “I made all my own dresses up until I was 94 years old, but I had to make them blue because I couldn’t wear red. Now, I wear all the red I want!” Bessie feels very fortunate to have enjoyed such a long and full life, and is proud to have taken care of her mother for 17 years until she passed away at age 95. She credits her longevity to good genes, clean living, and her daily breakfast of bacon and eggs. (She loves to dunk her toast in the yolk.) Her perpetual positive outlook and contagious lust for life are inspirations to us all.



David Combs—Carpenter, Musician, Patriot

Like many men of his generation, when the United States entered World War II, David Combs answered the call. As a member of the US Army, he was there when Allied forces stormed the beaches at Normandy and then later fought bravely in Germany. Wounded during his service, David earned a Purple Heart and also received three Bronze Stars, medals that are awarded for valor, acts of merit, or meritorious service in a combat zone.

In the Army, David was a specialist—a sharpshooter. Back home in Dayton, Ohio, (he’s originally from Kentucky) David was a skilled carpenter and a talented musician who loved to play country and gospel music on guitar and harmonica. In fact, his lovely, booming voice is a favorite around here. He sings gospel tunes for our staff and residents and lends a hand with our Bingo games by serving as our resident caller. David has lived with us at the Widows Home for three years now, and is visited several times a week by his loving wife, Anna, who came to America in 1952 from Germany and took care of David for years before he moved in with us. David and Anna have been married for 49 years and the love between them is evident as they spend time together, quietly reflecting on a lifetime of love, laughter, and joy. Their five children and their families all live nearby and are frequent visitors. Anna says that when the time came that she could no longer take care of David at home, the decision to bring him to the Widows Home was made because we came highly recommended by people that she trusts and because our community is close to their Dayton home, which allows her to see David as much as possible. During David’s time with us, she has become a part of our Widows Home family too. She knows everyone in our community by name and her positive attitude and gracious personality make her a real joy to have around.

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