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Serving Up Smiles with Amanda Pack

As a member of our dining services team, Amanda Pack prepares meals for our residents that taste great and deliver the nutrition they need. Even more importantly, as a member of our Widows Home community, Amanda is a friendly face that our residents regularly see in the dining room—serving up smiles and pleasant conversations that help make our community feel more like home. In addition to preparing meals for our buffet-style dining services, she also cooks delicious food for our community events including Tuesdays with the Widows Home lunch-n-learns, resident birthdays, and special celebrations such as our recent Mardi Gras party.

Amanda has worked in dining services for over 10 years and she’s been with us for two of them. Over the course of her career, Amanda has learned how to take the low-sodium and specialized dietary guidelines recommended by physicians and make them taste like home-cooked comfort food that our residents look forward to eating. And because she always takes the time to get to know our residents by listening to their stories and paying attention to their preferences, Amanda knows what our residents like and does her best to make them happy. For instance, through time spent listening to 99-year-old Bessie Rinehart talk about her life—including her win on The Price Is Right (Amanda’s favorite of her tales)—Amanda learned that “Miss Bessie” likes her  over easy eggs a little runny. So, that’s how she gets them freshly prepared every morning! And if she doesn’t, Amanda has been known to catch an earful.

Amanda says that she really enjoys her job at the Widows Home, and her dedication shows when she comes to work at 4:30 in the morning to start her shift…never missing a day. Her favorite part of working with us is interacting with our residents, and of all the different places she’s worked throughout her career, she’s found Widows Home to have the most homelike atmosphere.

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