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The Cat’s Meow—June Arnold is Right at Home

When June Arnold says that the Widows Home is her “home away from home,” she really means it. She’s lived here for about six months, but it’s not her first time staying with us. Back in 2009, June suffered a stroke and came to us for rehab after she was discharged from the hospital. After she completed her rehab, she went home to live with one of her two sons who live in the area. In 2010, June had a heart attack. Once again, she chose to come back to Widows Home for rehabilitation and, once again she was able moved back home with her son. Fast forward to early summer 2012. June fell and was injured. When asked where she wanted to go after being treated at the hospital, she told her family and doctors that the Widows Home was the only place she would go.

As you can imagine, with everything she’s gone through over the past few years, June knows how important it is to feel at home. Maybe that’s why, when a friendly cat that came to be known as Willow started hanging out around the Widows Home, June took an active interest in making her feel welcome. Eventually Willow was adopted by the residents of Widows Home and Willow quickly took a liking to June. In return, June took care of coordinating her feline friend’s veterinary care. It was at her first vet appointment that we discovered Willow was pregnant! An animal lover all of her life (she’s a favorite of all our furry friends who visit residents at Widows Home), June took it upon herself to head up our unofficial “kitty committee” and find good homes for Willow’s kittens. June spread the word by talking to our staff, fellow residents, and family members. After June was confident that the kittens were old enough to leave their mother, and that they all had good, loving homes to go to, she saw to it that they left us for their new families in tip-top shape.  

In addition to taking care of Willow and spending time with our other animal guests, June enjoys hanging out with her Widows Home neighbors and our staff, and always looks forward to frequent visits from her two sons and six granddaughters. You can also find her working hard in our rehabilitation gym as she and her therapists work towards her goal of walking independently with a walker. “Everyone here is very nice, and there’s always someone to talk to. The Widows Home really is my home away from home. It’s just a great place to be…I’d recommend it to anybody who needs a nursing home.”

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